Bali, Indonesia

I’ve been to Bali 3 times. Each time it’s a new experience. I love Bali. It’s got quite a charm and I’m always amazed by it’s tourism. Surfing all year round? Hell yeah that’s what keeps me going back. I love nasi padang & nasi bebek (duck rice) there.

The last time I was there it was in 2015. I was there for 1 week. Half of the week I stayed in Villa Jiwa (booked via Airbnb). It’s a secluded Villa on the hill with a wonderful open concept. I admired the architecture and design of this place.

The other half of the week we stayed in this private resort called Khayangan Estate. Huge estate on the cliff with a  number of villas with numerous swimming pools and a view to die for. Khayangan Estate pretty much restores houses that are more than 100 years old. The carving work on the ceiling and the custom made super sized king bed is definately a one in a million experience.



I also got to go around more this time. I went surfing with the same guide with Sadia Ketut. He’s an awesome guide.



I had Nasi Bebek in the middle of the padi field.



Tried out some organic food at Sardine. Gotta love the view of the padi field from the restaurant. Theres even like a mini farm with ducks and chickens.


Sunset drinks in Rock Bar, Ayana Resort. Great music, vibe, drinks and tapas.


Some people go for surfing at Padang Padang Beach but I was just there to chill and swim.


Was so much fun to check out the Monkey Forest in Ubud. If you’re an animal lover, you’d definately have fun.

Went to Karma Beach.

If you haven’t been to Bali. You should. It’s got more than just great beaches, bars, food, culture and history. Check it out. Unfortunately I do not have any pictures of Nasi Padang and the reason being whenever I go to have food there I forget to take pics because i go straight for the yummy food. There are so many great Nasi Padang restaurants all over Bali. I think it’s fine to go around asking the locals.



3 thoughts on “Bali, Indonesia

  1. Totally agree with your blog. Bali is such a nice place to go. I just feel sorry to people who don’t really enjoy bali because most people just said it’s not fun to go there. Well the food the environment the cafe the restaurant are so much better. I enjoy reading your blog. You got cool stuff !


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