Penang, Malaysia

I’ve been to Penang a number of times throughout the years of my life. I was pretty young the first few times I went there so I can’t really remember the details. Although, recently I have been to Penang in 2014 and stayed in Hard Rock Hotel, had the hawker stall food such as Laksa Penang and Sotong Bakar. During that trip I pretty much spent most of my time in the hotel which was nice i loved the room with direct entrance to the swimming pool and who doesn’t love the Hard Rock Cafe with great food and good live music. A few days ago I just got back from my 3 days 2 nights trip to Penang and this time, it was definately better. Simply because of a few reasons.

  1. I drove instead of flying
    1. The roadtrip made it so much more interesting and it felt very adventurous especially since it’s my first time driving through the road from Kota Bharu to Penang. My first time using Grik road and crossing the new Penang Bridge from Kedah.
  2. I stayed in Macalister Mansion.
    1. This small design hotel is just so amazing. From the architecture, to the vibe, and also the great service. Macalister Mansion has only 8 uniquely custom designed rooms, a cafe for breakfast and tea called the Living room, a great selection of wines in The Cellar, an awesome whiskey and cigar lounge called The Den, and a wonderful fine dining restaurant called The Dining Room.
    2. Everything about the hotel felt like you were living in your own private mansion and you had all these staff working for you there. The room is exceptionally clean and comfy. Eventhough it was an old mansion that was renewed to become more modern looking in the inside, it still had a great amount of comfort in the surroundings and in the room itself.
    3. We had a 4 course dinner at the fine dining restaurant and it was just such an amazing experience. The food was really good and it really does have a very special taste that I don’t think I can quite get the same anywhere else. So I really do appreciate the memories I’ve made while I was there.
  3. I actually checked out the busy downtown. I went to China House, took the bicycle ride to find the street art around Armenian Street and also went up to Penang Hill on the funicular train.


Room No. 5.img_9260

The Dining Room.


Swimming Pool at Macalister Mansion.


The Cellar.


View from the top of Penang Hill.img_3132

Cool digital fireplace at The Cellar.


Yellow Fin Tuna.


Street Art.img_6209

Hentian Titiwangsa. A stop that has to be made while on the Grik Highway.

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