Perhentian Island, Malaysia.

I live very near to Perhentian Island that making day trips are absolutely possible and I do it quite often. At least once a year and at most 3 times a year i get to visit this beautiful island and I wish i made more time to go to this place. It’s well known for being undeveloped and pretty much untouched. Although, the island has been receiving many foreign tourists and local tourists for the past couple of years and has been listed in the top 10 most beautiful islands in the world. I definatly agree with this because I love this island. I feel so lucky that I can even see it from the beach where I live. So here are some information regarding the island.

They are open from February to October. Closed from November to end of January due to Monsoon Season. Not so developed, does not have big tall hotels, nice corals, and wonderful for diving and snorkeling. They have the usuals, small fishes, sharks, turtles, big fishes which makes it wondeful for diving and snorkeling. Personally, I don’t dive but I really enjoy snorkeling.

It takes around 1 hour from Kota Bharu airport to Kuala Besut Jetty (you can always stop by Villa Danialla Beach Resort for one night stay or for meals which is on the way to the jetty and only 20 minutes away from the Jetty) then you will take the fast boat to Perhentian Island which takes around 30 minutes. The Perhentian Island is divided into 2 parts, Big Island and Small Island. Contrast to what it’s called, Small Island is where the parties are. they have a beach called Long Beach. It’s a long beach with a long line of hotels and cafe’s and restaurants. while walking on the beach you’ll run into many diving and snorkeling operators ready to take you out for snorkeling or diving. They have equipments ready and the map of the whole island for you to have a clear view of where the points are. The Island has many boat taxis that can take you around easily from beach to beach and from big island to small island or vice versa.

When i do my day trip nowadays, I reach the Island around 9.30am after taking the fast boat at 9am from Kuala Besut Jetty. I get the boat to drop me at Long Beach, Small Island. Schedule a taxi at around 10.30am to Turtle Beach. Then i have a quick breakfast at one of the cafes there at Long Beach. Pack up some snacks and drinks then head to Turtle Beach, Big Island. Swim there, chill, eat snacks, drink, take pictures, soak in the sun…….

Then around 1pm / 2 pm i get the boat taxi to pick me up again to head back to Long Beach, Bubu Resort to have food at their wonderful Santai Restaurant. Great food and drinks there. Plus the restaurant is clean. After lunch, I chill and take the 4pm boat back to Kuala Besut.

If i were in the mood for snorkeling then I’d replace the swimming at Turtle Beach with the snorkeling trips to Pulau Rawa. If i decide to stay for a night or two over there, I’d pick Alunan Resort. It’s new, clean, hip, and has a wonderful cafe overlooking the sea. It’s a very comfortable resort and well designed. Definately recommend it.

Just a tip for the girls going there, I advise if you wanna drink, bring your own booze or buy drinks in bottles or cans. I’ve heard rumours that Perhentian Island has a notorious reputation for spiking girls’ drinks. Take care and Enjoy!

Alunan Resort, Small Island.
Hammock on the open deck of room in Alunan Resort.
View from cafe of Alunan Resort.
Swimming in Turtle Beach
Chillin’ on the beach.
Santai Restaurant, Bubu Resort, Small Island.
Santai Restaurant, Bubu Resort, Small Island.
Ooh La La bar.


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