Sungai Kolok, Thailand.

Sungai Kolok, Thailand is a pretty sweet place to visit if you have the chance and happen to be in Kelantan, Malaysia. It’s pretty simple to enter via the immigration at the Malaysia – Thailand border and make a day trip. Once you’re in you can enjoy the amazing food such as in the picture, sardine puffs, fresh & spicy somtam, sliced grilled beef steak and so much more. Shopping is also a blast and inexpensive. You can do your hair there for a very cheap price. Hair extensions anyone? Also, lets not forget to mention their life changing traditional Thai massage at their temple. An unforgettable trip. Everything is within reach.


The city on Malaysia side at the border is called Rantau Panjang. It’s also got some nice shopping there but there is one thing very interesting that they have there, which is the mosque. The name of the mosque is Sultan Ismail Petra Silver Jubilee Mosque, sometimes its also called Masjid Beijing which means Beijing Mosque. It’s special because the architecture doesn’t look anything like an ordinary mosque. It’s got elements of a different country and culture. It looks really pretty. Anyone around the area must catch this mosque.


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