Upgrading my old Macbook Pro 15″ Mid 2010

I remember when I was doing my foundation in Engineering in Nottingham University Semenyih, Malaysia Campus & i decided to switch to Apple. I’ve been using Windows system since i first started using computers which was when I was 9. At the age of 17 I wanted a change and at the same time I wanted to challenge myself that I could conquer the Mac OS as well. So i got myself a new macbook. Unfortunately it did not last that long because I left it open on my bed and my kittens peed on it. Apple doesn’t cover mishaps involving water so i was forced to get another macbook.

After a few years using the macbook, I lusted over the Macbook Pro. Which is the Macbook Pro i’m talking about in this post. I used the Macbook Pro for around 3 years then the battery didn’t work anymore so I had to use it like a desktop where I had to keep the charging cable on and also the speed just became too slow, my hard disk became corrupted and even after i reformatted it, it was still not as satisfying.

So I decided to get myself a new Macbook Air 13″ Mid 2013. Out of all the types of MacBooks I’ve tried, from Macbook to Macbook Pro and to Macbook Air. I’ve gotta say, Macbook Air is the most suitable for me. It’s light, the specs are pretty good (yes, i upgraded the RAM and Intel chip while ordering it online), & the battery lasts long compared to the other MacBooks.

Even though I was using my Macbook Air, I was hesitant on throwing away my Macbook Pro 15″. So after a couple of years I finally decided to fix and upgrade it. I changed to a new battery, upgraded the RAM to 4 gb (which I will soon upgrade to 8gb once I have the chance) and upgraded from HDD (Hard Disk Drive) to SSD (Solid State Drive).

Now my old Macbook Pro 15″ Mid 2010 is just like new again. Apart from the scratches and broken track pad. So what if i gotta use a wireless mouse. It’s working fine! I cloned the SSD from another Macbook Pro 13″ that my office is using.


In the photo below on the left is the SSD that I used to replace my old HDD. It’s the Samsung 850 EVO 250GB SSD. It works fine by me. If you can afford more storage that’s great. On the right is the set of precision screwdrivers for laptop purposes. Note: do prepare yourself with a SATA 3 to USB cable in order to duplicate the SSD or HDD of another laptop and to also test it on your old Macbook Pro before installing it in your old Macbook Pro.

Here are the youtube links that really helped me figure this whole process out:

Cloning SSD: click here

Instructions on how to change HDD to SSD: click here

To replace and recalibrate new battery: click here

Old is now working like new and it feels great!

One thought on “Upgrading my old Macbook Pro 15″ Mid 2010

  1. You are capable! I’m using the MacBook Air now and the storage spaces are almost full. My laptop is installed with dual system(windows and IOS) and I’m trying to erase the windows system and have no idea..


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