Redang Island, Malaysia

This is my first time travelling to and staying in Redang island. I wanted to see for myself how beautiful it is since people were telling me. Some even said it’s better than Perhentian Island. I go to Perhentian Island every year without fail. I love that Island.

Redang island is an hour speed boat ride from Merang Jetty.

I stayed in Sari Pacifica Redang Resort & Spa. I got the Frangipani Villa which is the beachfront villa. The room was great. Not too big, not too small. Satisfyingly clean. Has easy access to the beach. In front of the room, there’s a gazebo to chill and lie down and just soak in the island!



So basically, Redang Island is just as beautiful as Perhentian Island. Although I do get more fun swimming in Perhentian i’m not sure why. In terms of food, it’s so difficult to get good fine dining there unless you check in at the Taaras Beach Resort. The problem is the unavailability of water taxis. So you would have to take their normal speed boats to places and it costs high. Around RM300 return for a chartered boat from Sari Pacifica Resort to Taaras Resort. I was planning on going there for lunch but it wasn’t worth it. Although, ordering room service was just as fun and the food tastes good. Our package also included daily  meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner. The buffet is not bad.


The ambiance is nice as well. With the view from the top floor restaurant overlooking the swimming pool and the beach.


The resort next to us is called Redang Holiday. It seems the rooms are placed somewhere in the back and not facing the beach but their restaurant and bar is facing the beach. They would turn on some loud music at night but somehow no one is dancing to it. Redang Holiday seems to have a lot of big tour groups from China.

We took the snorkelling tour to Taaras to see the turtles it was worth it.

Overall, it was a good trip for relaxing which was much needed.



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